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Usable months and a processing-method about the product.
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FAQ – Bitatto

How long is it used repeatedly?

The standard replacement period is 6 months.
However, some users say that they used it for a year or more.
It is available to use Bitatto repeatedly for various types of wet wipes as long as its adhesive sheets work.

If adhesive sheets doesn’t work anymore, is it okay to replace it with regular double-sided type?

Bitatto uses special adhesive sheets which have a different adhesion strength front and back part. Regular double-sided type cannot be replaceable with original adhesive.
The adhesive could be separated together with wet wipes if you remove Bitatto with too much strength.
There are various types of packages for wet wipes, some makes strength adhesion after applying it. Please remove Bitatto gently to reuse.
If adhesive sheets become weak due to dust, it can be cleaned with water and reuse it after naturally dried.

What are the precautions for using Bitatto?
  • Make sure there are no wrinkles, water, oil or dust on the package before applying the Bitatto.
  • This is not a disposable product. It can be reused repeatedly. Its life span is subject to usage environment and frequency. (Standard replacement period: 6month.)
  • When wet wipes are finished, remove the Bitatto slowly.
  • Discard if adhesive is damaged or has lost its adhesive strength.
  • Keep adhesive out of direct sunlight.
  • Keep out of reach of young children.
Bitatto doesn’t stick on the package properly! or It is too strongly attached, so adhesive sheets are separated to a package.
Is it a defective product?

No! It hardly says that it is defective. We are trying to do our best to fit all kinds of wet wipes’ package on the market, but there are some packages which doesn’t fit with Bitatto.
Please check the type of packages before applying the Bitatto.

  • Its adhesive gets too strong or weak with a package. (Research by Techxcel Japan)

A Package with coated and matt type + Bitatto = difficult to adhere
If you use this kind of wet wipes, we recommend to place Bitatto on wet wipes and leave it a while before usage.

A Package with PE・PET material and glossy type + Bitatto = strongly adhered.

  • In case its adhesive gets too strong to remove,Gently remove Bitatto from an edge and make sure adhesive sheets get along with Bitatto.

Important notice for Bitatto

Origin of country

We, Bitatto Japan, mentioned origin of country as follows;

Body: PP(Korea)
Adhesive material: Urethane elastomer(Japan)

Assembled in Japan.
It is revised from “Made in Japan”, however, Bitatto has been developed, processed and inspected in Japan.

Using individual commercial purpose with Bitatto

We are pleased to customers who decorate Bitatto by themselves or collaborated with Bitatto as a new item.
Please enjoy it within the range of the personal sales or hobby.
It may be mentioned that the product is collaborated with Bitatto but it shouldn’t be noticed as original product it is.

Be careful with imitation goods!

Bitatto has developed by Bitatto Japan since 2010. We carefully researched to release Bitatto whether there are similar goods. Since Bitatto has been known widely, imitation products are appeared.
Manufacturer of Bitatto is always Bitatto Japan, it is written on the back side of package. You may also find below points to distinguish Bitatto from imitation goods.
We’d highly appreciate if you report us when you find imitation goods.